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Popolos, R.I.P: Share Memories With Eric

No, not that Eric, Eric Nicholson over at People “Who Need People” Newspapers. Eric is writing a retrospective on Popolos for Preston Hollow People. (The restaurant is closing tomorrow night.) If you have memories you’d like to share, please email Eric: (Where is the actual hollow in Preston Hollow?)

One comment on “Popolos, R.I.P: Share Memories With Eric

  1. I am so bummed that Popolo’s closed. What a sad surprise. It was our local neighborhood “Cheers” bar .. .where everyone knew each other, bartender Hemel was the greatest, Joe the GM was the greatest … always warm and cozy at the bar, and as a single woman I could go alone, feel comfortable and run into friendly acquaintances. We will now all be at a loss. The other neighborhood bars – Mercury, Woodlands, just don’t have the same welcoming staffs.