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Cedar Waxwings are All Over Dallas

cedarwaxwing2760-175x300I know this is a food blog but I am home sick and bored. And Amy Severson just commented that her neighborhood is full of cedar waxwings. So is mine! Here is a post I wrote last year on cedar waxwings. So far today I also have seen American goldfinches, house finches, titmice, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, great blue herons, great egrets, red-bellied woodpeckers, ruby-crowned kinglets, and white-winged doves from the window in my home office. Okay, I’ll shut up now.

15 comments on “Cedar Waxwings are All Over Dallas

  1. No, no, don’t shut up! I think we need a separate birder blog! Because Nancy has nothing else to do! Anyway, I haven’t seen any Cedar Waxwings yet, but I get home after dark so will probably this weekend. What I don’t understand is why I haven’t seen any finches. I was late getting my feeder out, but it’s out and I tied yellow ribbons on the pole. I usually have about 40 finches when it starts sleeting. Now, nothing. What gives?

  2. I wish I could share mine with you. I am having a record year here in Dallas. At this moment there are 36 goldfinches on my feeder. I have two 20 “seater” feeders and have to fill them both every day. They are costing me a fortune in thistle.

  3. Have you seen the glowing buddah on a stick outside the Nasher? What is that about? I am sure you can see it from the new Dmag offices. I can see it from my living room at night. Crazy!! Happy TGIF – NN

  4. cedar waxwings sure are tasty, trick is to braise them slowly, otherwise the meat is too tough.

  5. I’m trying one of those finch-food-in-a-nylon-bag thingees they sell at Lowe’s. Has anyone tried them before?

    Also I would like to share with everyone that the Arbequina olive tree I planted last (September?) came through the recent 3 day deep freeze like a trooper with no protection necessary. He started out in a 4 gallon pot, so he’s pretty small – his name is Popeye.

    Next summer, maybe Olive Oyl?

  6. Hello – Amy S – I have had great success with the thistle sock feeders. I can not keep the finch feeder full lately, they are so numerous. I saw a huge flock of birds on Saturday in the tree in my back yard and wondered if they were cedar waxwings. When I walk the dog at lunch I will have to see if the trees in the park are stripped of berries.

  7. Amy S…you have to get your finch feeders out pretty early (mid-Nov) to get finches. You might get lucky. The problem I have with the sock feeders is they get gunky when it rains and finches are finicky eaters. If you have thistle in the feeder and they haven’t come after 3 weeks, change the feed. They prefer it fresh. And tie some yellow ribbons…oh, no here comes that song.