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Bundles Gourmet in Lewisville: The Case of the Missing Post

Bundles from Bundles Gourmet in Lewisville.
Bundles from Bundles Gourmet in Lewisville.

Long story short: Yesterday I wrote a post about Bundles Gourmet in Lewisville. A co-worker brought me some samples and people in the office seemed to like them. A bundle is a yeast roll filled with sweet and savory fillings such as spinach and feta, chicken curry, chocolate hazelnut, and cinnamon. (Here is the menu.) Anywhoo, after I posted the news I asked the co-worker how she came across Bundles Gourmet in Lewisville. She admitted that her father owned the store.  I took the post down. Several of you sharpshooters out there noticed the edit and asked me why I removed the post.

I decided to give them a try. Last night I took the leftover bundles home and heated them in a real oven—all we have here is a microwave and I couldn’t imagine radiation plus yeast would equal gourmet. I sampled the chicken curry and broccoli and sun dried tomato. I love yeast rolls—I grew up eating them for lunch every day in the cafeteria of Arthur Kramer Elementary School—and these little bundles are good yeast rolls. However, the fillings are skimpy—there isn’t a good proportion of roll to meat or chocolate and after two you are full and feel like you will burst if you drink a glass of water. The product is an appealing idea—this morning I tried the cinnamon roll with my coffee—but I get that these little bundles are better when they fresh from the oven. The Bundles Gourmet in Lewisville is the first store. You can visit  and buy a bundle or a Bundles Gourmet. They are trademarked and ready to roll out.

6 comments on “Bundles Gourmet in Lewisville: The Case of the Missing Post

  1. yeah, good for you on the ethics front – only put the post up if you have something negative to say about the product. would you have posted your thoughts had you gone home and after reheating them and trying them, found that you enjoyed them?

  2. Kelly- yes she would have. and, she does all the time. She also said they were good. Sounds like you only hear the negative. Shame.

  3. Where can you get a good knish in Dallas? I moved here from S. Florida eight years ago and haven’t had a good one since. Or a good black and white for that matter…