Diver Sea Scallops: Real or U-10

"Look!I see sea scallops!"
"Look!I see sea scallops!"

I’m doing some research on seafood and the difference between how a menu describes an item and what is actually on served on the plate. So far the most violent offender is the term diver scallops. I read it on menus all over town. Folks, the chances of you eating real hand-harvested diver sea scallops in Dallas are slim. Especially if you are paying less than a bazillion dollars for them. Most restaurants serve dry-pack  U-10 (10 scallops to a pound) scallops. (Thanks, Dean.)

Anywhoo, I just got off the phone with Avner Samuel. We spent a long time chatting about scallops. Avner knows a lot about scallops. He is also serving real hand-harvested diver scallops on his menu this weekend. A rare occurrence here in Dallas. That said, if you want to taste the real deal, order the tasting menu at Aurora this weekend. It sounds divine. 214-528-9400.

6 comments on “Diver Sea Scallops: Real or U-10

  1. I think for a bazillion dollars, they ought to be served with the coral colored roe sack as they do in Europe.
    Then, I’d pay a bazillion dollars for them.