20 comments on “Best Barbecue In and Around Dallas: Congratulations Off the Bone BBQ in Forest Hill

  1. I was about to say amen, because my favorite ribs in the world are at “Off the Bone” on south Lamar, but apparently this is a different place.

  2. Why did you disable comments on FB about the new issue. Actually, why do you folks rarely announce the new issue is out? Curious. Developing….

  3. Pretty sure that Lamberts BBQ in Austin is the best in the state. Maybe it will make its way to Dallas one day.

  4. Skip,

    Smitty’s, Kreutz, Snow’s, Louie Muellers, et al would all have something to say about that…

    I know people who really love Lambert’s but it looks more like a restaurant that serves some BBQ than a BBQ joint…

  5. Lamberts in Austin is good for fancy cue, but as Darnell said it’s mostly a place that serves BBQ, not a BBQ joint. Any place that you can order Chimay with your ribs shouldn’t be considered as a BBQ joint. By the way, there is a Lamberts in Ft. Worth, but the Austin version is better in my opinion.

  6. after seeing the explosion at The Grape after the burger plaudits, someone should tell Off The Bone to staff up for the coming months! Congratulations and get ready ’cause we’re all on our way!

  7. Lambert’s in Fort Worth is just as good as Austin but doesn’t focus on barbecue –

    Kudos to Vaughn for spotlighting the little, out-of-the-way places like Texas Pit in Saginaw and Trading Post in Azle. He’s really done his homework.

    These are 15 great BBQ places, and it really doesn’t matter which is No. 1.

  8. Three of us went to Off The Bone today for lunch. They told us they were much busier than usual today due to the positive publicity from D magazine.
    But they had plenty of help on board and although the food was a bit slow to come out of the kitchen it wasn’t too long a wait.
    I ordered the rib (BABY BACKS!) and sliced beef plate with two sides which was $12.95. I had asked for a fatty piece of brisket but, the girl who took the order wasn’t sure what a “fatty” piece of brisket was. So, what I received were fatty ribs and dry sliced brisket. But, I’ve had worse brisket in Dallas. The ribs, although somewhat fatty were still delicious.
    My friend’s ribs, which were not “fatty” were, absolutely fabulous. Perfect, actually. It was so nice to see baby backs being used instead of regular pork ribs. A pleasant change for sure.
    The side were, OK. Nothing special but still good enough.
    And after all, we don’t usually judge a BBQ joint by it’s sides. It’s the meat that counts!
    To sum up, I wish they were closer to me because I could eat their delicious baby backs at least twice a week. But, it’s too long a drive for just for ribs.
    They’re also kind of skimpy on the condiments. Instead of a “condiment station” they put a (very) small cup consisting of a few onions pieces, pickle chips and jalapeno slices on the plate with your order.
    overall: I’d go back just for the baby backs.

  9. Further to my above post, I wish to add, Marylyn and Eddie (and all the staff) were very gracious, helpful hosts and eager to make sure everyone was happy.
    I wish them, great success.

  10. Twinwillow: “My friend’s ribs, which were not “fatty” were, absolutely fabulous”

    If you ate your friend’s ribs, that would be canibalism. Lucky for you they are BYOB (Bring Your Own Body).

  11. @NN~ First I had to drive to pick up my eatin buddys in Oak Cliff. That was about 15 minutes. Then, from my friend’s house in Kessler Park it was an easy 25 minute drive. Easy because from my friend’s house we got right on I30 west and then South on 820 to Mansfield Hwy. So for me, a total of about 40 minutes door to door. All highway driving, thankfully.