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Hey Downtown Dallas! You’re Getting a Real Street Food Truck

truckThis just in from the Ask and You Shall Receive Department. Remember the other day when we were wished someone would get their foodie act together and literally take it on the road? You know, food trucks with more than prepared sandwiches and bananas. Good funky food delivered to a corner near you. I just got a quick note from Michael Siegel who says:

I just saw your blog posting about food trucks – your timing is impeccable. I am launching a truck at the end of this month called Green House. The truck is ready to roll out, and we are just finishing up with all regulations with the city.  The truck features high quality ingredients and cooking from chef Ben Hutchison (formerly of Food Company).The first truck will be serving the downtown area.

Ben Johnson Hutchison is going to be coming to St. Paul and Ross? That is the best news I’ve heard since this! He’ll be a wizard on wheels! Wait, did Siegel say “first” truck? This is good news. He promises to send more details and pictures later today.

greenhouseUPDATE: Here is a picture of the real truck. Their website is under construction, but you can follow them on Twitter (greenhousetruck).

  • s

    Sweet…wait till I tell M…

  • Margie

    Yes, more details and pictures! What fun!

  • Twinwillow

    I hope it works. The city of Dallas is notorious for making it difficult for anyone to make an honest living in Dallas.

  • Amy S

    Very few businesses generate more sales tax dollars per square foot of operations than a food establishment. And when you add taxes on liquor….right now I think the city needs to shut up and encourage anyone willing to take this risk in this economy.

  • m

    Ooooh, what kind of food? I am so in on this.

  • Jamey

    This is interesting news – but it makes me wonder – how would these trucks affect business in other brick & mortar restaurants in the area? It seems the “truck” concept would have much lower overhead than the traditional restaurant, which usually translates to lower prices – giving it a seemingly unfair advantage to the “truck” businesses.

    Given that, would the long term existence of these vendors potentially put other standard restaurants in danger of going out of business? Compound that with the fact that you could much more easily exit a truck business than a restaurant, what happens when the restaurants fail and go away and the trucks close up shop too?

    I’m probably over-analyzing the situation, and I don’t work downtown so I’m not familiar with the current lunch traffic there – but I wonder if it’s to the level where having these trucks could end up hurting the area overall?

    Just a thought.

  • Droopydave

    @Jamey – a lot of the lunch traffic for downtowners is in the tunnel system beneath the streets. Perhaps the truck approach will bring people up to street level…

  • Dubious Brother

    @Jamey – Ever been to New York? Droopydave is right – downtown needs street level eaters and this and the ones to follow will help. Then the tunnel spaces can be used for day care centers for children, pets and parents.

  • Amy S

    Jamey raises an interesting point, many of the current vendors have “vested partners” in the building owners, it makes one wonder if the building owners will get all NIMBY on this concept.

    Still, it seems if they rented 4 or 5 parking spots in a lot, who’s to deny them that right? As long as they follow regular health regulations, keep the area clean, etc.. Boys, don’t skimp on the liability insurance – for your own protection.

    Other issues, there is only so much space for storage, did they happen to mention if they have a commissary kitchen off premise? This would allow for more food to be stored in the trailer (and higher daily sales) instead of valuable space being used for prep equipment and space.

    Good luck, can’t wait to try it!

  • Ben hutchison

    Who’s Ben Johnson? 😉

  • Giuseppe Biancani

    Municipal code requires a commissary, Amy. If they don’t have one lined up, the City will shut them down.

  • Brian

    Congrats Ben!

  • George

    I can’t wait! That Ben Hutchison can cook and he’s one helluva nice guy.

  • Margie

    What kind of food?

  • Nancy Nichols

    waiting to find out more details.

  • Rachel Burnett

    Its great to hear that Dallas is finally getting some high quality food vendors. Theres also going to be another truck hitting the streets soon! Cruisin’ Cafe is going to headed by a chef from the Culinary Istitute of America and another from Johnson and Wales University… It’ll be hitting the streets in another 6 months or so. The website is under construction right now so you’ll be able to follow where the truck will be on a calender and see what the menu is for the week. Really upscale food… it will never be a disappointment, and will professional chefs you can be confident that food safety is important. And with a great price tag

  • Twinwillow

    I’d like to see a good food truck located in the Knox-Henderson area.