Gary Cogill Makes a Documentary About DINNER

The only picture I ever took of Gary Cogill.
The only picture I ever took of Gary Cogill.

“After reviewing more than 10,000 films, it’s time I actually made one,” says WFAA-TV’s film critic, Gary Cogill, regarding his recent culinary film project, completed earlier this week in Dallas.

That’s right, Cogill, an avid food lover, is in the process of producing a film he shot in Dallas. He’s calling it DINNER.

Here’s the plot: Cogil and director Austin Wright filmed five four-course dinners. Each evening featured “different food, different guests, different conversation, and different music.” Guests were greeted with a glass of champagne each night by  Cogill and Dallas Uncorked Founder, D Magazine wine columnist, and DINNER guest, Hayley Hamilton.

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DINNER: 5 Nights, 5 Dinners, Great Conversation and Live Music

“It is amazing what can happen over DINNER.”

DINNER filming began promptly at 8 pm each of the five nights, with each including two musical guests, performing at certain times during the two hour meal.

All five nights far exceeded Producer Gary Cogill’s imagination, and the dynamic was often, “magical.”

For instance, one evening Broadway legend, Betty Buckley, was so stunned by the guitar playing of Monte Montgomery she winked at Cogill, stood up from the table, walked to where Montgomery was playing, whispered in his ear, and they began an impromptu duo of “Amazing Grace.” Then the two began talks of a duo album together.

Another evening celebrated SMU football coach, June Jones, sat across from Dallas Cowboys great Daryl Johnston and told the story of how he was responsible for initially bringing Tony Romo to Dallas.

Still another evening, New Orleans jazz great, Adonis Rose, spoke from the heart of his emotional anger after surviving Hurricane Katrina, then stood up and played joyful sounds with fellow members of the Ft. Worth Jazz Orchestra.

Each night Chef Andrew Ormsby (Andrew Ormsby Catering) worked alongside another celebrated chef creating extraordinary food, cooking in his private home and kitchen, where DINNER was filmed. DINNER Chefs included Dean Fearing (Fearings), Nick Badovinus (Neighborhood Services) Janice Provost (Parigi) and Stefano Secchi (Ferrari’s Italian Villa). Wine from Miner Family Winery, Vision Cellars, Siduri, and a Jeroboam of Chateau Montelena, donated by DINNER guests Don and Ellen Winspear, were paired each night.

“Live” musical performance for DINNER by Monte Montgomery, Robert Lee Kobb, Betty Buckley, Cas Haley, Adonis Rose and the Ft. Worth Jazz Orchestra, Hunter Sullivan, Jennifer Parryman, W.T. Greer and his daughter Madison, Pat Peterson, and Beatlegras.

DINNER guests included, actor Burton Gilliam, Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw, Texas Poet Laureate Karla K. Morton,  Broadway legend Betty Buckley, actor Terry David Mulligan, Linda Armstrong Kelly (Lance Armstrong’s mom),  Good Morning Texas host Amy Vanderoef, Dallas power attorney Steve Stodghill and his wife Anne, Visions Cellars owner and wine-maker Mac McDonald, Don and Ellen Winspear, Dr. Richard and Adelle Toussaint, Dean and Lynae Fearing, Former Dallas Cowboy player Daryl Johnston and his wife Diane, “The Ticket’s” Gordon Keith, documentary producers Michael Cain and Melina McKinnon Cain, author Jenny Block, Sommelier Hayley Hamilton and DINNER Producer, Gary Cogill.

Cogill and Wright will edit footage over the next several weeks, creating a documentary which will include exceptional moments from each nights DINNER.

5 nights, 5 dinners, it’s amazing what can happen over “DINNER.”

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  1. This could be quite interesting. I understand the guest list except for Terry David Mulligan. How is a British Columbia movie critic related to Texas? Or is it the fact that he is a movie critic too?

  2. Bruce, let me introduce you to a couple of movies that are more interesting. “The Muppet Move,” for one, has more appeal. Another that you may not have heard of is “Irene and Me,” which is, comparatively, a work of genius. And then there’s “Skateboard 2,” a film with a plot, unlike DINNER. Feast on those.

  3. Sommelier Hayley Hamilton is in no way a sommelier. She isn’t even close to completing the requirements. Read her Dallas Uncorked bio before printing such nonsense written by her boyfriend, the boring movie producer.

  4. When is this movie coming out? I am in the restaurant business and can’t wait to see this!