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Teresa Gubbins Steers Us Wrong About Flames Grill in North Dallas

flamesAbout a month ago Flames Grill opened on Trinity Mills in North Dallas. Over on PegHed, Teresa Gubbins reported the big news. She said the owner was Dine “Dino” Rraci and the menu was “steakhouse-style.” SideDish spread the vicious untruth. Last night a brave Disher ate at Flames Grill. He/she files this report:

Well, I ate at Flames on Trinity Mills last night.  Nice place; I had it to myself the entire meal.  Pasta with Vodka sauce.  Nothing special, but good.  Since it was just me, the waiter, and the chef, I got to talking with the waiter.  He said he owned the place – along with a few other restaurants – and he isn’t Dine “Dino” Rraci as was previously reported.  I mentioned I’d heard about the place on SideDish – he wasn’t familiar with SideDish. So I pullled it up on my iPhone and he read it.  He didn’t understand why it was written up to be a steakhouse; the place is Italian that serves steaks. Then he told me he was going to put in a dance floor where the salad bar used to be (when it was a Brazilian steakhouse). Oh, and no plans to sell get a liquor license; I got a beer with dinner but he didn’t charge me for it. Weird.  Very strange place indeed.

So, Flames Grill is the new old Tre Amici?

8 comments on “Teresa Gubbins Steers Us Wrong About Flames Grill in North Dallas

  1. What was the name of that weird place at Belt Line and the Tollway that briefly had, was it Tony Gardizi? as chef. Began with a V.

  2. Nancy, thank you so much for bringing my attention to this error. I just spoke to Alfredo Fechi, who answered the phone at Flames Grill, and got the following:

    “That’s how it started in the beginning. But I’m not a steakhouse. I also own Fino’s Italian Bistro on Parker and Midway. I’ve been in the restaurant business in Dallas for six years. Fino’s is not far away from the location ove here. A lot of people call in and think it is a steakhouse.”

    But Dino said on the phone that it was.

    “That’s why he’s not here. He’s supposed to be my partner. I built this place. I had no idea what was going on. And then everybody thinks it’s a steakhouse. We do offer steaks, it’s true. But primarily we are an Italian restaurant. Flames Grill Italian. The only thing is, we add steak to it. If you want to write that I’m the owner, Dino’s name is not on any of the paperwork.”

    A name like Flames Grill sure sounds like it does steak.

    “There’s a Flames in NY City and it’s an Italian restaurant. Flame is a fire. That’s what it means. Grill fire. Italian cuisine, there’s a lot of things we do with fire. Branzino. You’re going to grill it on the fire or wood.”

  3. It sounds like this wasn’t an error by TG, but changes in concept and team after her item.

  4. No you are not. You just took another one of your many opportunities to make someone look wrong and you look right.

  5. The unethical moves that nancy makes never cease to amaze me. Nancy, the only person this reflected poorly upon is you. Why throw a fellow journalist under the bus? If this is the way D magazine thinks they will gain readers they are sorely mistaken.