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25 comments on “Somebody Help These Poor People: Breakfast and Soul Food

  1. Best breakfasts:
    High End:
    Crescent Court at the Hotel Crescent
    Taco Joint at Peak and Gaston
    Taco Diner or Mi Cocina
    Diner Food:
    Flying Fish in Preston Center
    Original House of Pancakes
    Dream Cafe
    Garden Cafe

  2. Odoms isn’t bad. But Dallas needs a good Chicken n’ Waffles place.

    1971 Singleton Blvd
    Dallas, TX 75212

  3. Love Love Love Taco Joint!!!
    Hatties for Soul Food
    La duni for breakfast is also very good

  4. they do know this is Dallas, TX, not Atlanta, GA, right? soul food… good luck with that, but The Lemon Bar does have a soul food breakfast staple (and I believe they’re the only place in town that serves) chicken and waffles

    as far as the best breakfast in town? I love me some (in no particular order)
    Barbec’s (Americana)
    Dream Cafe (hippy, they might love this being that they’re from the PACNW)
    The Original Pancake House (chain)
    Cindi’s (NY Deli)
    Bubba’s (Americana)
    Kuby’s (German)

  5. breakfast:
    the mecca
    metro diner
    all good cafe
    original market diner
    john’s cafe
    char bar

    soul food:
    all of the above, plus Po-Bills Cafe, Big Mama’s Chicken n Waffles…

    does Babe’s count? Go to Babe’s Chicken Dinner House!

  6. good gawd, people. Hattie’s is delicious, but Dallas’ best soul food it ain’t. Norma’s for breakfast. South Dallas Cafe for soul food. done.

  7. The original Breadwinners on McKinney is by far the Dallas breakfast place I always bring people from out of town – just don’t let them hide you on the back balcony by the closet!

  8. I do not live in Dallas but when I go to visit my family, no visit is complete without having breakfast/brunch at Breadwinners. Hands down the best mimosas, eggs benedict, and cinnamon rolls. Yummy!!!

  9. All Good (migas)
    The Mecca (blueberry pancakes, sausage, and cinnamon rolls
    The Green Spot (weekend tacos after 10:00 a.m.!)
    John’s Cafe

    Other favs are unfortunately in Ft. Worth:
    Paris Coffee Shop
    Esperanza’s Mexican Cafe & Bakery

  10. take them to any joint in a neighborhood where they’re reluctant to leave their Hummers parked out front. You’ll likely come out with something good to eat. I’d suggest the Mama’s Daughters Diner on Harry Hines (at Royal Lane I think?) It’s not “soul food” but they’ve got good breakfast and dish it up with a pretty good mix of sass and Texas hospitality.

    And, a “good grief” side not…the All Star Game is on Valentines Day?! I’d take basketball tickets over a diamond ring any Valentine’s day. Too bad neither one is in my future right now!

  11. geez, I meant to say “side note.” I just got all excited about the All Star game coinciding with Valentine’s Day.

  12. I agree with Brad about Hattie’s. Dallas is so…anglo

    Breadwinners (McKinney location)
    Dream Cafe
    Cindi’s Deli (Central Expressway or Downtown)

    Soul Food:
    Sweet Georgia Brown’s
    Two Podners
    South Dallas Cafe