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Eddie Cervantes is Out of Hully & Mo’s

According to three well-informed sources, Eddie Cervantes, the godfather of Primo’s-turned-part-owner of Hully & Mo’s, is no longer associated with the restaurant. I tried to call the restaurant and got voicemail. I tried to call Cervantes but, whoopsie, can’t find his number. The last time I spoke with Cervantes, which was close to Thanksgiving, he told me his non compete agreement with Primo’s was almost up and he was going to be able to add Tex-Mex items to the Hully & Mo’s menu. Maybe he’s going to add it to his own menu. Who knows? Eddie, call me: 214-939-3636.

4 comments on “Eddie Cervantes is Out of Hully & Mo’s

  1. I was in H&M before a stars game a couple of weeks ago and it was empty. Eddie was there, but I thought ‘gee how long will this place be open if they can’t even get a crowd before a stars game?’.

  2. so sad to see eddie go but was not the biggest fan of hully&mo’s! cant wait to hear what his new venture will be!

  3. I was really excited when I heard that Eddie was going to start a new restaurant & then I went, & I was sadly disappointed because really it was more of a shrine to mike & brett than a cool place to hang out… I am excited to see what Eddie has up his sleeve because I know this was not really his venture, but I feel like the future holds bright & 2010 is his year! I know that if anyone can create another Dallas landmark it is Eddie….& this just wasn’t it!

  4. Went to H&M a few times and could never really discern the identity of the place – specifically the menu. The atmosphere is Houstons Light. The menu ranges from sports bar appetizers to pizza to Filet mignon – and all were done OK but nothing special. And if I want a good steak, there are more than enough options in Dallas to satisfy.

    My biggest complaint from day 1 is that H&M describes itself as a “tap room,” but they have only 4-5 beers on tap. Thank god the Gingerman was across the street.