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How Did I Miss This? Matt Antonovich to Open a Restaurant in Dallas?

nevermindYow. Zah. The boomerang has come back. Or will be coming back according to Mike “Scalp ‘Em” Hiller over on On December 16, Hiller reported Mathew Antonovich, the chef behind III Forks, Sipango, and Antonovich’s Tuscan Grill in Far-North-maybe-Plano Dallas is returning to our city to open a spot called Tie Restaurant and Tie Bar. Hmm. Very interesting.

I can still taste a steak cooked at the gaudy-but-good Antonovich’s which was open for a nanosecond. The dude can cook. But he split town in the middle of the night to avoid creditors a few years ago and, according to one of my super-secret sources, reconciled his bad behavior with the Big Guy Upstairs.

Amywhoo, unsubstantiated vicious gossip aside, Hiller reports that Tie Restaurant will feature “Melting Pot Cooking.” “Fusion is not the right word,” reports Hiller. Apparently the menu will feature “a blend of cultures and cuisines that includes Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern.” No deets on the location. However, Ellis Island, birthplace of  “Wretched Refuse Cuisine,” is not a possibility. Matt, give me a call. 214-939-3636.

2 comments on “How Did I Miss This? Matt Antonovich to Open a Restaurant in Dallas?

  1. Knox that is some funny sh**, they would make a perfect group and don’t forget to throw in some Brian as well.

    Trust when I say there are alot of long memories when it come to Matt and his vendor relations. Good luck getting terms with anyone in this town.