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I Love Pinkberry. Two More Locations Set to Open in Dallas.

sidepinkberryThere. I said it. I love Pinkberry. I didn’t want to like it. In fact, I didn’t tell any of my friends I was sneaking over to Preston Royal every night for a LARGE cup of chocolate swirly goodness. (Sorry, their words not mine.) I didn’t think I had a problem until one night I got out of my pajamas and drove over before they closed. I bought three cups (almost $17!) to keep in my freezer.

How could I face Teresa, my counselor at Jenny Craig, with this news? (Oh, no! I just gave away a super secret about myself!) My 5’5” frame couldn’t take so much excess swirly goodness 7 nights a week, I had to stop. So I did. Cold (beat, beat, beat) turkey.

I am ten days swirly goodness sober.  So, I hesitate to tell you that Pinkberry will be serving swirly goodness in West Village by February 12.

Hey, Adam Saxton, Director of Development and Pinkberry Brand Manager at Saxton Pierce Restaurant Corporation, what are you doing?  “Watching the Pinkberry brand earn fans locally has been a very exciting experience for our corporation.  Few brands gain the instant following that Pinkberry does, and we are excited to bring Pinkberry to an additional part of Dallas so more people locally can experience the one-of-a-kind product, dedication to customer service, and the inspiring environment that go along with a Pinkberry store.”  He added “this second location is just the beginning of Pinkberry in North Texas.  We look forward to announcing additional location in the coming weeks.”

(Chant with me: Northwest Highway and Midway.)

12 comments on “I Love Pinkberry. Two More Locations Set to Open in Dallas.

  1. LOL, and, Nancy, don’t you think it’s a little rude to point the fat finger at Leslie Brenner, when in fact, you yourself are on Weight Watchers?

  2. “I didn’t think I had a problem until one night I got out of my pajamas and drove over before they closed”

    Is that all the facts, Maam?

  3. Love Pinkberry…coconut nuthin on it but love, love, love! Pure and simple. I, too, have been guilty of arriving at 10:58 p.m. I found this is not a bad plan because they’ll throw in a little extra swirl at the end of the night, which they should for one’s brave, and desperate, attempt to indulge at the last minute!

  4. OK, now I have a Red Mango a block away from my house and a Yogalicious, Orange Cup and Pinkberry half a mile and a free trolly ride away. I’m too lazy and a creature of habit to figure this out and have tried none of them so could someone please tell me where I should be going since I apparently live in the yogurt district now?

  5. I’m anxious to watch the coming yogurt war between Yogalicious and Pinkberry. Separated only by about 50 feet of street and sidewalk.
    I’ll stick to Natsumi’s fine gelatos, thank you.

  6. I say the more the merrier! I’m so glad they are expanding throughout the metroplex, so I won’t have to venture out to far to track down my beloved Pinkberry!!

  7. I lost more than 5 pounds in the last two months on my fro-yo diet. I ate a big breakfast and lunch. At about 5 p.m., i would have some Menchies, Orange Cup, or I heart Yogurt’s tart flavor with lots of fruit for my dinner. Then I stayed out of the kitchen until morning. Repeated 4-5 times a week.