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Fat Foodie Fight: Teresa Gubbins Takes on Leslie Brenner’s Battle of the Bulge

This is not Leslie Brenner on a diet.
This is not Leslie Brenner on a diet.

DMN dining critic Leslie Brenner is on a diet. On January 4, she announced that she is determined to lose 20 pounds on her Restaurant Critic’s Diet.  (I’m sure the Oprah’s peeps have already called.) So far, Brenner has dropped 9 pounds in 7 weeks. Today in an f-laden post (Foodies Fit Forever!) she reports that, on deadline, she managed to burn 401 calories at the gym.

Teresa Gubbins, always on deadline at Pegasus News, decided to take a shot at La Brenner’s efforts. In a tidy little essay, “Shedding #s, The Restaurant Critics Diet,” La Gubbins, the emaciated veteran dining reporter, takes a look at the dietary hazards of being a restaurant critic. Gouda stuff.

  • CollinR

    Sad how her weight loss schtick is just a cheap rip off of the New York Times critic’s book Born Round. Of course the book is a rousing read her rip off is just junkfood.