Eddie V’s Prime Seafood to Open in Oak Lawn in Dallas

A temporary sign announcing the opening of Eddie V’s Prime Seafood has been up at the building next to Equinox on Oak Lawn Avenue  for a few months. However today there is an ad for a “tremendous opportunity to those looking to make hospitality their career” on Craigslist. Lord, how many steak and seafood or seafood and steak places can this city handle?

The ad goes on to say they “are looking for team members that have a high understanding of guest service, culinary arts and restauranteurship [sic].” I’ve been to several of the newest restaurants in town, you know the ones that the “top” waiters jump to for the opening buzz and hop off when the next big deal opens, and I haven’t seen much “high understanding” lately.

Too many top end restaurants? Too many servers with a bad attitude? Oh, some of you restaurant servers are giving me tired head. I wish some of you would consider hospitality as a career, not a quick buck.

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7 comments on “Eddie V’s Prime Seafood to Open in Oak Lawn in Dallas

  1. they have this place in austin, i enjoy going there when i’m down there. good brunch, that’s for sure.

  2. I lived in Austin for many years and Eddie V’s was my very favorite spot. Don’t think of them as just another expensive seafood spot because they have an awesome happy hour with great appetizer specials. Now if they will just also open a Roaring Fork somewhere in Knox/Henderson I will be all set.

  3. We make it a point to visit Eddie V’s when ever we are in Austin. It’s a great place. My husband also surprised me on our anniversary by taking me to the one in Ft Worth. we’re happy we are getting one closer!

  4. Eddie V’s is one heck of a restaurant. One of my faves in all of Texas. Some of the best fish and seafood and side dishes I ever had! I wish them well here!