Dallas Chop House is Now Open

Yes, I know everybody else has already reported that Dallas Chop House, the newest spot by Mike (Dallas Fish Market, Go-Fish, Fish Express) Hoque, has opened on Main Street in downtown. (Back off, Wilonsky) However, I have a small news update. The pdf from their PR machine reads: Dallas Chop House. We are now open. 1717 Main Street. 214-736-7300. Hours: Monday-Thursday 4:00 pm to 10:00pm. Friday-Saturday 4:00pm to 11:00 pm. Happy Hour Every Day All Day.

Full disclosure: I am in a crabby mood today and little things are making me crazy. SO, I ask you, dear reader, what does that last sentence mean to you? Are they open all day for happy hour? Or is happy hour every hour they are open? Is there an all day happy hour experience on Sunday? How many calories are in a martini? I’m just asking. Next.

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  1. Nancy, dear, there’s a superb iPhone app to help you determine the calories in your martini. Just go to the pull-down menu, select the type of martini (vodkatini, in-and-out, French, sweet…) and the variety of olive (picholine, manzanilla, Ionian, etc.), and it will tell you exactly how many calories it has and how long you will have to spend on an elliptical machine (with resistance options for the 1, 2, or 3 issues of the hamburger issue of Saveur you’ll be carrying) in order to burn them off.

  2. My girlfriend and I ate their last night, it was a really nice experience. It was pretty empty when we arrived at 7. They are still putting the finishing touches on the decor but on the whole it looked nice.

    The steaks were excellent, I don’t know if the dry aging had something to do with it but mine was better than the steak I get whenever we get the chance to go to Fish Market (is uber-tender a word?) A nice surprise was how affordable the wine was, we usually just grab a glass each but we got a bottle of Pinot Noir there for $29 bucks (less than the $16 we usually pay for a glass each at Fish Market.) The cocktails were (somewhat more) affordable too, a Bombay Sapphire martini was $8.50 instead of the usual $11.00 that I’ve become conditioned to pay.

    Service was good, the manager came by and greeted us and the few other tables that were populated.

    Overall it was a good meal and experience for about $50 less than we probably would have paid at Mortons or Fish Market.

  3. The Chop House may want to refer to the TABC code when putting together verbage. The whole thing is here: http://www.tabc.state.tx.us/marketing_practices/bulletins/MPB012a.pdf

    That link should open in a pdf reader. Here’s an excerpt:

    A. On-Premise “Happy Hour” Promotions {16 TAC 45.103}

    Retail licensees may advertise the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. Retailers may advertise drink prices, brand names (provided they are paying the entire cost for the ad), promotions, and “happy hour” information (prices, times, brands, etc.). While drinks may be advertised at reduced prices, retailers may not reduce or offer reduced price drinks after 11:00 p.m.

    Pardon the formatting of this message, all this cutting and pasting and what not.

  4. I don’t know how he continues to open new restaurants. If you check his Alcohol sales on Alcoholsales.com for the Dallas Fish Market and Go Fish you can see that he has never had enough sales to make a dime in the restaurant business. There is something strange going on here???

  5. Just askin” JonnyDallas, but where does it say that drinks will be reduced after 11 pm? I’m all for a good cheap late night cocktail but Ms. Nichols says until 10 mon-thur and 11 fri and sat.

  6. @curmudgeon Hey I’m just offering the link, dude. (Did you click through and read the whole thing?) Its been my experience that you don’t want attention from the TABC, and advertising an ‘all day’ happy hour just might get someone noticed.

    And what bar expects to make any money on liquor sales when they kick everyone out at 10 or 11?

  7. Jonnyonthespot “The Chop House may want to refer to the TABC code when putting together verbage” sounds a bit critical more so than say “just offering the link.” My point was and is they did nothing wrong. Their hours now are 4-10 and 4-11. Their “All Day” is well with in the guidelines set forth.
    If it were my bar I may want to keep it open later but since it is their bar i guess they can set their hours.

  8. I had the pleasure of Dining @ the Dallas Chop House on New Year’s Eve and it was amazing. The Steaks were prepared perfect and I love their corn which had crawfish and peppers in it. We always talk about the revitalization of Main St. and well… This is IT!….

  9. Wow.

    You must be one of those people who cruise the internet looking to create an argument where none exists. You go ahead and run your mouth all you like, I’m just gonna ignore you and go to the bar and have a drink.

  10. was there on the 7th for an after work drink little after 6:45pm…place was dead…stayed in bar for a few more drinks and then was asked to open a new ticket because bar waitress had been cut for the evening…@ luca, i’ve always thought this myself about the other place down the street…hope it makes it though…

  11. He won’t make it. Place is dead, just like Luca said something weird is going on here.
    Someone is funding it that’s for sure.

    Good luck!


    I wanted to leave you a note about our experience last night at Dallas Chop House. The food was great and atmosphere was wonderful.

    However, our group of 4 sat down yesterday evening and ordered a bottle of Groth wine….the server said he thought it was sold out but didn’t know. I told him to check and let us know. He left and didn’t come back for a long period and when he did he told me it was indeed out. At this point I would have expected him to have come with another option or to point out a few options from the menu but he did not. Since we had been waiting a while anyway, I quickly picked a Chateauneuf du Pape and he left go go get it. He was gone even longer this time to come back yet again saying you guys were out.

    At this point he tried to take our food order and I told him we would like wine for the table before we ordered our food. We had already finished with our appetizers for a long while.

    Still not giving me a possible different option in stock I had to ask what you DO have and he suggested a higher priced Chateauneuf. I agreed because we were tired of waiting for it.

    He asked me if I wanted it to come decanted and I said I would like to sample it first. Which he did….but then decanted the bottle and left it without pouring it for the table. In fact, all night my husband poured the wine for us the entire night. No one offered to fill up our glasses.

    For the price point of $120 a bottle….I was not happy with service. In fact, after 3 tries with ordering wine I expected a manager or someone to come over an apologize for the 45 minute wait for it and all the hassle. In fact, I would really expected in a nice restaurant such as this……a manager would have come with the other Chateauneuf wine and told us he would give to to us for the price of the first Chateauneuf price we ordered ($100 vs $120).

    Just wanted to let you know that the entire wine experience was aggravating and unexpected.