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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Typhoon Shelter Crab

I’ve gotta run. Perhaps you can help this gal get a fix:

My husband and I recently got back from Hong Kong, and while we were there, we ate Typhoon Shelter Crab–it was served over a bed of fried garlic along with black beans and red chili. Do you know of any place in the metroplex where this dish is available?

(Dear Wick, I did not delete the “M” word above because it is a direct quote. Please do not fire me for allowing the “M” word to run in a “publication” of D Magazine.)

7 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Typhoon Shelter Crab

  1. Maxim’s in Richardson serves a crab with fried garlic dish that is pretty good and might hold you until you can get back to Hong Kong.

  2. Since we don’t have Typhoons (and thus no Typhoon Shelters), I would think these would be hard to find in Texas.

  3. umm.. sounds like a pretty specific dish to be looking for in Texas. I mean I would never think of dining in Hong Kong, then expecting to find something similar when I return. IJS.

  4. ooops… that sounded snotty. but didn’t mean it that way. it is just a funny sounding request to me.

  5. but, Dallas has a lot of ethnic/international restaurants and steamed crab and garlic are fairly easy ingredients to come by.