29 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Man: Biscuits and Gravy in Dallas (or Plano)

  1. Lucky’s on Oaklawn – their biscuits are awesome. They bring you biscuits and cornbread with every meal ordered, but the biscuits are so hefty that we carry them home since if you ate all the bread you’d never be able to eat your main dish.

  2. Do NOT go to Barbec’s. They used to be amazing are now sickly sweet hockey pucks. Ick.

    I’m for Mecca.

  3. Just go to Whataburger- they’re as good as any of the ones mentioned above. Sure it’s fast food- but have you tried them? Awesome!!

  4. Garden Cafe in Lakewood on Junius street. It’s owners mothers recipe. Especially if you are poor and don’t want to eat at some depressing joint.

  5. Garden Cafe a must for home cooking. Best patio in their garden. Amazingly low prices for such a cool place with excellent food! Try the chicken and dumplings with your gravy and buiscits.

  6. Ok, I have been going to Barbec’s for 30 years and I am a gravy LUVA!! Go for breakfast or lunch NOT at dinner time. Have the server “open face” the biscuits (split in half and put gravy on top) and put in microwave for 1 min 30 secs. IF you follow these instructions then you will have the best B&G in Dallas.