Dave Faries Picks the Best Restaurateurs in Dallas

Best Restaurateurs. Oh no, now I’ve got to make one too. (Bob Sambol? I like Bob but he owns one restaurant.)

UPDATE: Okay, I’ve thought about the above list a little bit more and I really have to question Dave Faries’ pick of Bob Sambol as a restaurateur of the decade. What about entrepreneurial spirits such as Jeff Sinelli, Mike Hogue, Kent Rathbun, Shannon Wynne? Bob Sambol lost his butt in Denver, sold his brand to Omni, and only owns part of his original restaurant. What’s in the eggnog over at the Observer, Dave?

15 comments on “Dave Faries Picks the Best Restaurateurs in Dallas

  1. The way I followed the bankruptcy proceedings, Sambol now owns NO part of his original restaurant. He didn’t sell his brand to Omni, Bill Lenox acquired it in the split with Sambol and Lenox sold half the brand to Omni. However, it does appear true that he lost his butt in Denver.

  2. Would I have included Bob on my list? Probably not, but I do get it. But judging from his articles last week, Dave will be feeding us lists all week and he alludes to that in todays article.

  3. Another failing restauranteur on that list is Donald Chick… His first concept La Condesa flopped this year as well.

  4. PoPo, that is hilarious. Just like this site only writes about the same 5 restaurants…. so boring, lol

  5. Observer archives show 30 columns with Dave name-dropping Cassel. Only 3 for Avner Samuel. Only 2 for Anthony Bombaci.

  6. I really don’t understand the fascination people have with Sambol. It ain’t brain surgery running steak houses into the ground.

  7. @popo and mike: you sound like the same guy…with the use of the word “aint”. If you want to be taken seriously, use proper English…You sound uneducated… And I’m with Laura, you folks do sound like you might be stalking Faries…

  8. I have never got the “Bob’s” experience. So it’s a steakhouse. They have nice meat. They cook it well. Imagination? No. Excitement – no. For me it’s an “oh we have to take these out of town people out for dinner. I bet they might like steak” kind of place.

    If we are going to reward a steak place’s “owner”, we should consider Al Biernat. Not that I like it any better, mind you. But I think he is a superior restaurateur!


  9. I only ate at the Palm a couple of times, and never Al Biernat’s, but I read enough and hear enough to know that Al MAKES a restaurant. You have to give him credit for building a clientele that would probably follow him anywhere.