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Christmas Shopping List: Chef Kent Rathbun

Chef Kent Rathbun slices off 70 pounds. Nicely done.
Chef Kent Rathbun slices off 70 pounds in the unofficial Battle of the Bulge. Nicely done.

Oh, what should we get chef Kent Rathbun for Christmas? He’s got to be one of those hard-to-buy-for guys—from the outside it looks like he already has everything. Wait, I hear our roving (and I mean roving) reporter Sweet Charity whispering in my ear.

Seems Ms. Charity bumped into someone who looked a lot like Mr. Rathbun at a charity event the other night and did a double take. In fact, it was chef Rathbun sans 70 pounds. According to Sweet Charity, Rathbun has dropped pound by the Weight Watcher’s method and running from charity event to charity event. A big (sorry) round of applause for chef Rathbun. I’m sure he could use some new chef whites. Oh, and Sweet Charity tells me Rathbun is going to incorporate some lower calorie dishes on his menu. She neglected to tell me which menu. But she’ll wake up soon. (You know those society types.)

UPDATE: Hark, here is Sweet Charity’s report.

2 comments on “Christmas Shopping List: Chef Kent Rathbun

  1. This is quite amazing. Very inspirational to those of us who love food but fight with our weight all of the time. I’m starting my diet on Friday.

  2. A timely reminder that sleeping with a sweetheart can be caloric.

    Congrats to Chef Rathbun on losing via Weight Watchers vs. my friend who announced last night she was beginning to smoke in order to lose her extra 40 lbs….. citing her pact between cream sauces and Camel Menthol Lites as a ‘health-minded trade-off’.