D Magazine‘s December Cover Story: Best New Restaurants in Dallas

Cover_big.ashxClick here to read all about our favorite new restaurants. I think it’s a good list, but you may disagree. Each December, we do a restaurant roundup  and inevitably, when the magazine is at the press, one or two spots make major changes. Like the old Sports Illustrated jinx, we have the D Magazine restaurant cover jinx. So far, we’re only aware of this:  Coast Global in Plano is losing their creative chef Joshua Perkins. He is moving back home to Memphis. His last day is December 7.

7 comments on “D Magazine‘s December Cover Story: Best New Restaurants in Dallas

  1. I noticed that the cover story in the paper copy is not in the online story above….what happened to BOLSA? It is my favorite restaurant in Dallas and deserves the Restaurant of the Year.

  2. Bolsa and Neighborhood Services both opened in 2008. If anything that opened after July of 2008 is a “new restaurant” for 2009, I nominate Tei-An.

  3. Ya know, if you strip away the usual hi profile restaurants like, Abacus, The French Room, Aurora, etc, etc, and all the, “in your face” expense account steak joints, your left with a whole realm of really good restaurants such as those in the preceding “best of” list. They, and many more are enough to make Dallas a serious restaurant destination city. Good enough to compete with the best of the USA!
    Yup, Dallas has come a looooong way in the last 10 years. And I’m proud to live, and eat here!

  4. I am most happy for places like Maximo & Coast that are battling through opening “outside the loop”(outside the sexy, outside the bubble, outside the blinders) at a horrible time and have found a way to do great, creative, chef-driven food at a very high level and hang in there. Thanks for taking your Top Restaurants of 2009 north of 635!!!!

  5. Too bad Josh has left COAST and Dallas to return to his hometown Memphis. Josh is an extremely talented chef and will be sorely missed.
    Good Luck Josh.

  6. Hey, Michael, while you’re here, are there any places you’d recommend for a really good, free steak dinner?