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Write a Caption: Win Some Cocoa from Nicaragua!

pig2While I was in Nicaragua last week, I visited a remote field where workers were busy harvesting lovely yellow pods from cocao trees. I sat with them as they hacked the fruit open and extracted the seeds. Of course, I couldn’t resist sucking the delicious white pulp inside the pod and spitting the seeds at my fellow compadres. Delicious fun. More on that later.

Anywhoo, as the sun set, we headed to do some bird watching among the mangrove forests on the coast. (Tiger herons!) One of the guys on the trip, Jerry Garret, a writer for the New York Times, stayed behind and took this photo of us as we left the dock. He’s holding an unofficial caption contest with no prizes. I figured we’d have our own. Winner gets a bag of powdered cocoa (drinking chocolate) from a plantation outside of Leon, Nicaragua. (My entry was: “A pork in the river.”) GO!

26 comments on “Write a Caption: Win Some Cocoa from Nicaragua!

  1. The tree is theobroma cacao, or the cacao tree.

    “Cocoa” is derivative of “cacao” and is often used to refer to the nut or the chocolate drink.

    There is no such thing as a “cocao tree.”

  2. And to your right ladies and gentlemen, is our friend Nick the Pig. And as you can see, Nick Hog Agua.

    I can’t believe I just posted that.

  3. “You think you’re having fun sucking white pulp inside pods and spitting seeds at your fellow compadres? You should try some of this authentic Nicaraguan River Stew brewed by yours truly, Shimmeree the Pig!”

  4. At the next stop on your culinary tour, we’ll be showing you the fascinating process of harvesting underwater Nicaraguan truffles.

  5. “Travelling around Nicaragua, one often sees representatives of the Salaministas”

  6. Further to my above post, if it were up to me, I’d give the golden pig award to “Brad”.

  7. “It was here when the fresh breeze blew against the their faces, the blue water reflecting sunlight in there eyes, and the fat belly hog oinked on the sand… that they finally knew they found sh** creek …”

  8. But this is where the BEACH FRONT third vacation-home condo development is supposed to be, right?