Another TV Show With a Local Connection: BBQ Pitmasters

According to Full Custom Gospel BBQ, is reporting a new TV series showcasing “the high-stakes world of competitive barbecue.” BBQ Pitmasters begins on Decemeber 3 at 9:00 p.m. on TLC. Three folks in the series are from around here: Jamie Geer, owner of Jambo Pits a Fort Worth company that sells custom smokers, Paul Petersen, execuchef at Rick’s Chop House in McKinney, and Johnny Trigg  from Alvarado. The eight-episode series follows competitive barbecue events around the country.

BTW, has anyone been to Rick’s Chop House in McKinney? I’ve heard nothing but great things.

3 comments on “Another TV Show With a Local Connection: BBQ Pitmasters

  1. Rick’s has a great bar, great food and a great hotel. It is one of the few reasons I ever head north of 635.

  2. I ate lunch at Rick’s yesterday. For those of us that live up north and are surrounded by Chili’s, Olive Garden, and Red Lobster, Rick’s is an Oasis. They have a great, diverse menu, well trained staff, Franconia wheat on draft, unbelievable fried chicken, and a terrific cowboy ribeye. They are getting McKinney Square ready for the holidays, so I would guess after Thanksgiving it will be all lit up and therefore worth a trip up for the rest of civilization. Rick also owns a pizza/Italian place on the square called “Sauce”.

  3. Rick’s is a wonderful restaurant, warm and inviting, perfect for a dinner for two, twenty or a reception with 100 guests. the service is friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is second to none (check out the bar, it’s amazing) and the food is good. worth the drive from Uptown