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Roaster’s In Dallas Almost Closes, Opens Again With New Partner

Several Dishers reported that Roaster’s, the deli in the former Ed’s Deli spot on Preston and LBJ, closed on Sunday. I just caught up with Roaster’s head honcho Tevy Kaplan and he explained that the restaurant was “bleeding cash” and that his original investors pulled out. However, thanks to his landlord, the Weitzman Group, the doors to Roaster’s are open for business. (Great potato salad.)

3 comments on “Roaster’s In Dallas Almost Closes, Opens Again With New Partner

  1. I have attemopted to like Roasters, and have been more times than I care to admit. However the quality is inconsistent, the service is lacking and there is enough decent competitors close enough in the area to make it a non-choice.

    I know there are many nice people of the Jewish persuasion in the walking distance area that need for a decent kosher kitchen to succeed, but this isn’t it. For my money Deli news (who originally had this as an outpost location) and Ed’s was far superior.

    Interestingly, I met Tevy as they were setting up this Roasters location, and he said some rather offputting jabs about Ed and why he sold out. Karma, it’s whats for dinner.

  2. If Ed’s couldn’t make it, Roaster’s surly won’t either. Ed’s was far superior. And, Ed was (and still is) a really decent guy!