Pick The Winner: Name the Nicaraguan Hockey Team

Clip Art Graphic of a Tropical Palm Tree Cartoon CharacterI’ve just returned from four action-packed days in Nicaragua. More on the astonishing amount of street food I consumed later, but for now we must pick the winner of  the “Name A Hockey Team in Nicaragua Contest” we held last week.

Here are the contestants and their suggestions. Winner will receive a box of chocolate I bought from a chocolate plantation outside of the lovely city of  Leon, Nicaragua.

Worzel Gummidge:  Knights of The Iguana?
Brad:  The Icedinistas? (you see, it’s like Sandinistas, but the opposite because hockey is played on ice).
Shane: Chinandega Chupacabras, Managua Margays, Masaya Macaws (PICK ONE)
Amy S: The Stars?
Kirk: Club de Hockey de Managua, also known as Las Paletas.
Evan Grant: The Contras, El Presidentes, Whatever Vicente Padilla wants them to be called. (Nice try, he’s a traitor and therefore disqualified.)
restaurant jobs rhode island: Blazing Iguana Nicaragua. It symbolizes their food and culture combining at the same time.

10 comments on “Pick The Winner: Name the Nicaraguan Hockey Team

  1. Even though I love Paletas and would love to have a chance to think about them more often (you know, like when I’m watching Nicaraguan Ice Hockey….) I have to vote for Icedinistas.

  2. Is this similar to a real election where I get to vote for myself? If so, my vote is for Icedinistas.

  3. Eh, I will toss my hat-trick in the ring just for good measure and to muddy the waters a bit. I will address this in a culinary sense with a slant on hockey, as absurd as it is.

    1. Arroz con Hielo’s: A sweep check, or in better words, estar jugándosela.

    2. Estrellas Marrones Cortas: Which literally means ‘little brown stars’, which might appear to look like Gallo Pinto (their national dish of rice and beans served mainly at breakfast) or what the players themselves might look like on the ice.

    3. Chammaro Chicharrón: This is what you get when you cross a well known and delicious pig skin with a well known and delicious ruling faction in the Nicaraguan government. Toss em together, add ice. Refresco!

    4. Ortega Tostones: A cross between a pineapple head and a plantain. Odds are great they would ride the Zamboni across the skulls of the entire Banana Republic League. (Thank you O. Henry for the delightfully accurate perjorative term.)

    5. Relampago Rellenos: Relampago was Latin Americas first super comic book hero. Think South American Superman that used grappling hooks instead of flying. And instead of Lois Lane, he dated Maria Conchita Alonso (OK, I made that part up). The team would be a sweet forecheck.

    que aproveche

  4. It may sound good if the blazing one will be chosen.Blazing Iguana Nicaragua…for blazing foods.Yum!

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