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The Next SideDish Supper Club: Save the Date

supperclubThe next SideDish Supper Club will take place on the evening of Sunday, December 6. The restaurant is usually closed on Sunday, but the space is so small they are going to open  for SDSC attendees only. The details are being finalized and will be announced soon. If you would like advanced notice, type your e-mail address in the tab under the SupperClub logo on the right side of this page. If you are already on our list there is no need to redo. The seating for this exclusive experience is very limited. This special SideDish Supper Club menu will not be available in this restaurant before or after December 6.

12 comments on “The Next SideDish Supper Club: Save the Date

  1. From your last sentence (“the dining experience will not be available in Dallas”) it appears this is the last SD Supper Club dinner??

  2. She means the specific experience – so far every dinner has been a unique experience planned for weeks & months specifically for one evening.

    If you want more details, sign up in the box like she says, or search sidedish for information about the past supper club dinners.

  3. I signed up in the box, but did not get any sort of confirmation email, or any details…should I have?

  4. not sure Nancy, the Cowboys have the late afternoon game. Hopefully it’s something really interesting. From your description, I can only surmise that the location is the Chapman Chile Kitchen, and we’ll be crammed in front of the counter, spooning chile out of one big pot.