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Something to Do Tonight: Mockingbird Station Farmer’s Market

Top Chef doesn’t start until 9. This leaves you plenty of time to visit the Mockingbird Station Farmer’s Market tonight from 5–9. Mock Station is partnering with the White Rock Local Market (among others) to bring you lots of goodies to eat. The North Texas Food Bank will also be there collecting donations and canned goods, and people who purchase something will get one of those handy reusable shopping bags (the kind that appear to have multiplied overnight in my pantry and trunk).

Speaking of Top Chef, I’ve missed a few episodes lately. Still hoping for Jennifer or Kevin to win…are they both still in? I know Bravo would tell me but I don’t want other spoilers.

5 comments on “Something to Do Tonight: Mockingbird Station Farmer’s Market

  1. I’m pretty sure that it’s Kevin, Jen, Eli, the brothers, and Robyn that are still in it. Unfortunately, Jen’s been flagging lately, which is a shame because she clearly has talent but is off her game. How Robin has hung around this long is just a mystery. Maybe she has compromising photos of Tom & Padma?

  2. You didn’t miss anything last week… it was Fabio’s Reunion Dinner Party.

    I LOVE Kevin. I hope he wins it all.

  3. Jennifer is still there, but has hit a rough patch. Hope to see her win out though…that girl’s “got talent”! Missed Casey being on a special last week – she and Carla made nice after their last meeting (the finals where Casey’s “suggestion” derailed Carla in the end).

  4. Kevin is such a sure thing to win that it’s almost anticlimactic. It’ll be Kevin and the brothers. Because why have brothers on a show if you’re not gonna have them competing right down to the very end?

    Am so DONE with whiny lame Jen, but I suspect they’ll feel compelled to keep her, even though it would show real balls of the show to end with four guys (Kevin, the brothers, and Eli).