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Ocean Prime To Open Thursday on Cedar Springs in Dallas

Guess what, gang? Here comes Ocean Prime, a swanky seafood and steaks restaurant with a gorgeous outdoor patio with a fireplace, a cocktail lounge and piano bar, and private dining rooms. OP is an import. The concept comes from Cameron Mitchell Restaurants which is based in Columbus Ohio. The company operates 17 restaurants with under seven different concepts. Yes it’s a chain, but I’ve heard from several folks they do a good job. We’ll see won’t we. Ocean Prime (2101 Cedar Springs across from the Rosewood Crescent Hotel) will open Thursday. Wonder if they’ll have crème brulee.

7 comments on “Ocean Prime To Open Thursday on Cedar Springs in Dallas

  1. I’ve tasted this recipe before: Start with a package of out-of-town ownership, a can of glitz and glamour, pinch of awkward location, and a liberal amount of outrageous prices. Solid! Can you say N9NE? I will try it though…I’m ok with being proved wrong!

  2. I’ve been to several Cameron Mitchell restaurants (orig from the Columbus area) and he has staying power. Guy knows his concepts, implements them well, good service, good food. Keep an open mind and give him a try.

  3. Sure it’s a chain, but then again so is Mi Cocina, Fireside Pies, Bob’s Steak & Chophouse and many of the other restaurants we love!! Excited to give it a try…

  4. Mi Cocina? Really? I do not mean to add to the negative comments on this blog, but that place has terrible food. The only reason to visit Mi Cocina is for a Mambo Taxi.

  5. I went to Ocean Prime this past Saturday night, and whilst I do not usually deign to spend my hard-earned money at national chains (except 3 a.m. visits to Jack in the Box) I found the service, food, atmosphere, and overall experience absolutely, totally, SWANKY in the best sense of that word. Absolutely awesome