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9 comments on “Mico Rodriguez is Out of the Screen Door

  1. For time to timre, I enjoy a quick lunch at Neuhaus cafe in Dallas, and Thursday I was very suprise to see Norman Love Confections, pralines and Truffles, in the Chocolate display. Neuhaus Cafe is the only retailer in Texas of Norman Love Chocolate!….WOW

  2. huh not even a month…what a shame to have brought them in and Chef Fitzgerald Sous Tami and Pastry Chef Erica all gone to better places too bad Lucy you put yourself in a bad spot Good Luck!!!!

  3. I’m not going any where!
    I love the space, Erica is still there on the weeekends, it’s fun slinging arrow across the street at Paul P (my old Nana partner) and I like where we are going & what we are doing. Plus I am very fortunate to have Karen Porter working with me.

  4. Keep up the good work David! Never rid your menu of the fried quail, catfish, or duck! Yummy. Nancy – Supper Club at Screen Door??