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Teresa Gubbins Closes Another Restaurant

This time it is Papou’s Greek Kitchen. The Teegster reports that Papou’s Greek Kitchen and Taverna, Pete Zotos’ Greek restaurant that shared a building with Legal Grounds in Lakewood, has “left the building.” Zotos encourages his loyal customers to visit his other spot, St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin, where he has added chicken-fried tuna to the menu.

7 comments on “Teresa Gubbins Closes Another Restaurant

  1. I consider Lakewood shopping center to be a neighborhood destination, and I find both Papou’s and the Italian restaurant that took over Kitchen 1914 to be too expensive for a frequent dining destination.

    Entree, one glass of wine and dessert cost $35 on each of the two times I ate at Papou, and that moves it to a list of special occasion dining.

  2. Yes, once. I ordered eggplant parmigiana. It came with – nothing but a square of eggplant parmigiana. I believe it was $12. My standard for eggplant parmigiana is Pietro’s. For $12, you get a choice of either soup or salad, a side of spaghetti, and a casserole of delicious eggplant parmigiana about twice the amount served at Penne Pomodoro, plus bread (although I always order garlic toast). They also put breadsticks and butter on the table.
    Penne Pomododo: One square of eggplant parmigiana on a plate, nothing else. No bread, no breadsticks.

    I put Penne Pomodoro and Pietro’s in the same class of Italian food.

    For value (along with tasting really good), it’s Pietro’s.

  3. I have always thought the portions at Pen Pom where substantial. I thought they served bread complimentary too. Although, I havent had the eggplant parm. I havent been to Pietro’s either.
    Kitchen 1924 had great prices considering the quality of the food.

  4. Actually, I have the same comment about Penne Pomodoro being expensive for what we got. Guess I shouldn’t have ordered off of the specials board, but my undersized slice of salmon was not worth the approx $17. We were also overcharged by an extra entree, but that was quickly and satisfactorily remedied by our waiter after we pointed it out.

    Great space, good service, just wasn’t impressed by the food the first time that we went. We have enough Italian in the area, really. But due to the location and surprisingly kid-friendly atmosphere, we’ll be back to try it again. Cute viewfinders for the little ones.

    I wish that Kitchen 1924 was still there, and that Papou’s was too.