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5 comments on “Rumormonger Eric Celeste Says The Tipperary Inn in Dallas is Making a Comeback

  1. “owners of Poor David’s Pub”? That would be David Card, and one of the driving forces of his moving off Lowest Greenville was to own his own building. I can’t see him leasing again. And I don’t think “owners” – as in the plural – is accurate, either… Sounds very suspect.

  2. That sounds suspect to me too…

    I really doubt David Card would get in to a lease and open a ‘sports bar’.

    There were never any TV’s in the main room of the Tipp. And there’s not really any place to put them either, meaning someone would have to tear out some of the beautiful wood and the cozy booths. I just can’t see someone going in to that space and tearing out the wood. Talk about a terrible business decision. “Hey lets spend $100,000 remodeling a room that doesn’t need it, and turn it in to a sports bar!”

    There is a really nice, spacious kitchen in the Tipp. There is an 8 burner range, a double grill, a flat top, a salamander, two deep fryers and a two ovens. There is also a 15 ft steam line, and an over sized ventilation hood. Anyone opening there would be foolish not to be focused on food as the attraction, not sports.

    The only reasonable sports concept I can think of is that it may be a bar geared towards rugby and soccer. But rugby and soccer are played in far away places. Live televised games would be played at 7 or 8 in the morning. Are you really gonna sell a lot of beer at 8 in the morning?

    Hmmm…sounds fishy to me. I would love to see something in that space, but a sports bar? How are they gonna compete with The Landing and whatever those bars are across the street on Skillman?

    Here’s a really crazy idea…Let’s move Sharon Hage across the street into that space.

  3. The only tv that I ever remember was the big screen that they rolled out from time to time. A sports bar would be okay, but a fantastic pub would be even better. Now I’m just pining for the Tipp in its heyday…

  4. sheperd’s pie + corn beef & cabbage+ newcastle brown ale = good

    i loved tip’s when i lived down there. despite the most uncomfortable booths on the planet.

  5. Hope they find a better chef than the blind guy wwith no sense of smell or taste! Now I love a good shepherds pie, but the food at the Tip after Martin bailed was only worthy of a Dallas County correctional facility. Good luck to anyone moving into the space.