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Making Soba Noodles at Tei-An at One Arts Plaza in Dallas


Last week Andrew “Baby Face” Chalk attended the soba noodle making session held at Tei-An. The event was a big deal— Akila Inouye, Master Chef of Tsukiji Soba Academy in Tokyo, visited Tei-An restaurant at One Arts Plaza to give a demonstration of the technique of making soba noodles. Inouye’s brief U.S. tour only included New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Why Dallas? Tei-An owner Teiichi Sakurai is a student of the master. Here for your viewing enjoyment is Soba Noodles: The Movie.

4 comments on “Making Soba Noodles at Tei-An at One Arts Plaza in Dallas

  1. I thought his name was Akira, yet twice now I’ve seen posts refer to him as Akila. Which is correct?

  2. I appreciate your update about my soba session in Dallas.
    Actually I sweat at that time but I usually didn’t.

    You and all the participants’ highest enthusiasm made me hotter.

    Thank you again to join and to look at that.

  3. Akila / Akira,

    However, according to Japanese official method, ‘Akira’ is the correct way to describe, I don’t like this.

    Pronounce me as ‘A-kee-la’ and spell me as ‘Akila.’