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The Naughty Kitchen With Blythe Beck is Not Canceled

A Disher tuned in to watch the Central 214 chef Blythe Beck’s reality show The Naughty Kitchen with Blythe Beck on Tuesday, and found a Hugh Grant movie running on Oxygen. (Snicker!) She asked me if the  show had been canceled? I went straight to the source via Twitter.

ChefBlytheBeck how you feel about it not being on this week. The naughty Army on Facebook is pissed!! How do the twitter peeps feel??10:42 PM Oct 27th from web
ChefBlytheBeck The Naughty Kitchen will be back next week with a whole new episode but I think that the Naughty Army should go to and tell them10:41 PM Oct 27th from web
DSideDish Nancy…the show took a break last night and will be back with an all new episode next week. It has something to do with sweeps week. about 16 hours ago
DSideDish Yes Nancy I knew it was taking a break. Oxygen had told me a while ago!! Thanks for checking though! I appreciate it!! about 13 hours ago.

3 comments on “The Naughty Kitchen With Blythe Beck is Not Canceled

  1. We stopped in the other night and she told us the thing so. Also saw her in the most recent People magazine – go girl! Still savoring the ribs and chicken fried kobe…

  2. Those characters at the door on the show need to get a life. I was ashamed of myself for watching this show. Is that guy and that dumb girl supposed to be funny. Not. Blythe seems nice but they have just chopped her life into a world that doesn’t exist and is not funny