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Mini-Review: Chicken House in Dallas

DSCN4107-2Today, with a renewed attitude to drive across town to discover food, I hit Chicken House in East Dallas to buy a big butt bucket load of fried chicken for my hard-working cube mates.  Chicken House is the semi-new name for the joint formerly known as Brothers Fried Chicken.

The speaker in the drive-through is in desperate need of repair. The crackling high-pitched screech cooked my cochlea and fried my synapses. Somehow I managed to order a 10-piece family pack, sides of okra and cole slaw, and a fried pie. As I waited by the window, I asked the nice lady, Naomi, if the recipe was the same as Brothers. She said it was—I didn’t actually hear her, but luckily I’m a great reader of lips.

Anywhoo, imagine my co-workers surprise when I walked in with a free lunch! Well, the whole deal was only $19.45 and it made even the skinny people happy. Vegetarians, not so much.

Here is my take: The chicken pieces were huge and the crust was crunchy and crispy. (No extra salt was needed. I drizzled jalapeno juice on mine.) Cole slaw was not great—too much mayo. Fries reminded me of my ex-husband—they were soft and wimpy. Fried okra were State Fair quality—nothing but crispy little balls of probably frozen okra. But Naomi was nice and the chicken was worth the drive. Co-workers, let me hear from you. (909 Fitzhugh @ Gaston. 214-370-0800)

14 comments on “Mini-Review: Chicken House in Dallas

  1. great, i hope i dont start seeing a bunch of white people in new suv’s in my neighborhood going to this place. stay away and go to victor tango’s or something.

  2. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, if you want to drive to get your fried chicken fix, and you don’t want to trek out to Babe’s, and you don’t want to hit Bubba’s because of SMU, then you need to go to Henderson’s on Royal at Abrams.

    It has the pedigree (ask anyone who has lived in Dallas for more than 20 years about the Henderson’s on Hall and Thomas) and it has the chicken. No drive through, but you probably need to burn a few calories by walking in and picking up.

    Oh, and if you think that the Chicken House is a worthy successor to Brother’s, then we must pray for the return of your sense of taste–it has clearly departed your body.

  3. agree with Bob re: Chicken House. Was hopeful when it opened, but several overly greasy pieces (grease too cool?) have led to the conclusion that it just smells much better than it is.

    when Brothers closed, the owner commented that they may just sell the chicken at a bar. Any chance of that happening?

  4. Next time, how ’bout you let us know how the chicken TASTED. We jus’ be sayin’.

  5. In the spirit of the renewed attitude- try Pop’s Fried Chicken in Terrell. (I know- its a chain but we ONLY like the one in Terrell) Perfect spot to stop on your way to East Texas- and fits perfectly into our recessionista budget. I can feed two adults and a carload of hungry kids for under $20! Have I mentioned the cornbread and the fried okra? My kids fav is the banana pudding.

  6. Chicken House is not Brothers Fried Chicken – not sure what happened during the changeover but definately not the same

  7. Oh, Brothers. How I miss ye.

    To my tastebuds, this place isn’t using the same recipe. What I liked most about Brothers was the subtle spiciness of the batter. I liked this new stuff plenty fine. I’d go back and eat more, for sure. But it ain’t the same.

  8. I’m with Tim. Brother’s was our favorite, but we love Chicken House. I’ve never thought Henderson’s was as good as everyone else does. 20 years later, it’s still boring.

  9. Can’t go this new place. Too many memories of getting chicken from Brothers and eating it in Exall Park instead of waiting to get home. It was that good. Also, a lot of people that put me on to good food spots told me Chicken House was terrible.

    A friend put me on to Bubba’s, which is really good but not as good as Brothers.

    NN, any word of the guys from Brothers resurfacing in another location? There’s always hope.

  10. Back in the 50′s, before the Colonel, before Popeye, before Mr. Church or Mr. Williams, there was a company that delivered fried chicken to your home. It was called Chicken Delight. It’s slogan was “Don’t Cook Tonight . . . Call Chicken Delight.” As I recall, it was not the tastiest chicken in the world (or anywhere else), but THEY DELIVERED. Late at night, they delivered (at least in Austin). If Domino’s can make millions today delivering crappy pizza, someone ought to be able to do the same with chicken.

  11. I like Chicken House alot. I always get the same thing – three chicken wings and the fries. I love the fries; they’re usually eaten between leaving Chicken House and parking in my driveway. I miss the bundt cakes Brothers used to serve.