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Material Connection of the Day: Free Cupcakes from Citizen Sweet in Dallas

DSCN4115-1Hmm. Looks like the cupcake industry is trying to beat the new FTC guidelines that go into effect on December 1. Once the rules kick in, I can’t eat a free cupcake without telling you I accepted a free cupcake. The same goes for other products such as food, wine, or free dinners. The revised rules require you to disclose how you received the products you review or endorse. So, I’m not going to review these—I hate cupcakes anyway. You can send all you want but I’m not eating any of them or writing about them. The cupcakes in the picture were sent, unsolicited, to our offices at 750 N. Pearl St. Suite 2100, Dallas  75201. They come from Citizen Sweet.

13 comments on “Material Connection of the Day: Free Cupcakes from Citizen Sweet in Dallas

  1. I love cupcakes but is is possible that they’re over done? It’s like short ribs and macaroni and cheese. And vampire shows. Everyone’s doing them so it’s not really creative anymore.

  2. Thanks, Nancy! These cupcakes are 100% all-natural, no transfats, artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives, and while some say cupcakes are overdone, just try and find any like these in Dallas. I hope you guys enjoyed them, despite the snarky post.

  3. The cupcakes look great, but the contraption to transport and serve them looks pretty spiffy.

  4. you can eat them all you want if you don’t talk about them, or other cupcakes, which is a pretty fair trade off imo.

    heather the answer to your question is “grown ups”.

  5. Nancy Nichols has long made it clear that she hates ANY cupcakes, whether Hostess or Wolfgang Puck. In a telling incident; As a pre-teen, after a well-meaning den mother presented her the summer camp Homemaker Award prize~~~~the “500 Cupcakes Cookbook”…, little Nancy picketed the hapless Scout leader’s home until the broken woman moved.

    According to Deep-Dish insiders~~~~, “Ms. Nichols has been under a doctor’s care after suffering chronic nightmares in which she is cremated and her ashes scattered in front of ‘Sprinkles”.

  6. How could someone hate a cupcake? Is there anything edible in this entire world more fun than a cupcake?


  7. Is there anything less interesting in the world than a dry piece of bread smothered in white sugar? That costs $4?

  8. Luniz? If you have not tried said cupcakes..I doubt seriously that you should be commenting on their taste or moisture content. I on the other hand have tried them and like I said they are wonderful.