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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas Restaurants: What Do We Need?

What restaurant would Major Tony Nelson and Jeannie do in Dallas?
What kind of restaurant would Major Tony Nelson and Jeannie do in Dallas?

I was having a conversation with a “highly educated” person the other night and he said, “Dallas really needs a great burger place.” I was stunned. When I asked him what places he liked, he reeled off spots—Chips, Goff’s, Neighborhood Services—that were in his neighborhood. I asked him if he ever went out of his way to discover or try new places and he admitted that he didn’t really. He has now been downgraded to “somewhat intelligent.”  I mean talk about closed minded. (They don’t even melt the cheese at Goff’s.)

The inside-the-loop-outside-the-loop foodie argument drives me nuts. There is great food all over this area if you are willing to drive. But if you had one restaurant wish, what would you like to see in Dallas? I know what I want, it’s a fleet of these, STAT. Your turn.

  • tom

    Bring back Il Sorrento…………

  • Cellarmaster

    Please NO food trailers(except for Hat Creek Burgers OMG! they could be the burger spot that Dallas needs- Nancy take note!). I’ve eaten at every one of them in Austin and don’t understand why anyone with a palate would waste their money(I even gave the cupcake and the crepe place a second chance to no avail). I did give them all a chance at least. I do intend on trying the new Gourmet Pudding place that popped up on S Congress..I’ll report back soon.

    Indian and portuguese for sure.

    More upscale Peruvian food..( I know, I know I loved Alo, has it re opened btw???) I want more, and dedicated peruvian(read: don’t throw in mexican food to pacify the masses).

    I do wish Dallas enjoyed amazing Italian. I still dream of Salve and Il Mulino’s food. I know they had their respective faults but OH MY they both had amazing food…

    Yes to regional mexican..It’s hard enough to find decent homemade tortillas(corn especially), much less anything other than bland/from a jar mole. And the coastal dishes forget about it..

    Didn’t the Anatole have a five star Chinese restaurant back in the day? I remember hearing stories of Chinese decadence..we need a modern version of that..

    OOPS! My One: Amazing Northern Italian complete with All Italian fixings.*sipping my Barbera dreaming of Sharon Hage at Salve…aw :( *