11 comments on “Condeleezza Rice and Laura Bush Dine at Rise No. 1 in Dallas

  1. Maybe they were discussing how to get a rise out of W and thought they could find inspiration there. Or maybe it was that TDF marshmallow soup.

  2. Laura was probably telling Condeleezza, “George wouldn’t like the food here. It’s too fancy for him”.

  3. I have only been to Rise once and that was for lunch and Mrs. Bush was there then. She was still First Lady at the time and the security was amazing.

  4. RISE No. 0 sucks, who want to eat whipped eggs besides 75 yr old women. way overrated, and the owner and managers are idiots.

  5. @playboy – Who checks a food blog at 2:42 a.m.besides John Tesar on a rant and any other disgruntled commenters like you?