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26 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Great Tamales in Dallas

  1. The lady who comes by my house once a month. I know that doesn’t help any one but those home made ones really are the best.

  2. I don’t know where the best tamales in Dallas are now. But, I do know where the best ones were. At the just closed, Lito’s on Jefferson Avenue in Oak Cliff. How sad that they are gone, now.

  3. Glorias has amazing tamales….but if you need more variety, call Tamale Dave! Just google him, he’s in dallas

  4. Carlos Rodriguez’s mom makes some of the best i’ve had. I wish you could have some too.

  5. You’re kidding with this one, right? Because anywhere south of the Trinity— North Central Oak Cliff , or north of the Trinity between Harry Hines and Webb’s Chapel or south of I-30 below Bruton Rd. in Pleasant Grove, even in Irving; Where hundreds of thousands of Mexican and other Latino immigrants live, wonderful handmade tamales of every stripe are as common in our city as sand in Guam or autumn leaves in a deciduous forest.

  6. How about listing a dozen places south of the Trinity that sell handmade (not extruded) tamales, Rawlins.

  7. La Popular is just two blocks up the street from Los Dos Reales which was featured in this story in the DMN this morning:

    “Johan Friesen, 50, of Seminole, Texas, was shot in the chest at the Los Dos Reales bar, in the 100 block of North Fitzhugh Avenue.”

    Good tamales in what can be a tough neighborhood where it is best that you know where you are going and have someone with you.

  8. La Victoria at 1605 Haskell (between Ross and San Jacinto). I live across the street, but this place is very convenient to anybody in downtown or uptown area. The menu is small but everything on it is fantastic and the tamales are crazy good – fat and stuffed with meat seasoned just right. I was born and raised in San Antonio and my tamale standards are very high!

  9. How do we get in contact with Tamale Dave?? I Googled him and I only pull up Dallas Observer reports by Dave Faries

  10. La Popular is good (and don’t be scared at all). But the best tamales hands down are Luna’s. Not even a contest