What Does Your Cup of Coffee Say About You?

squirrel-with-coffee-cupI guess mine would say I’m cheap, black, and half and half. Tomorrow (Tuesday) on Think (90.1) with Krys Boyd we will find out what our coffee says about us and our society. At 1:00 p.m., Bryant Simon, Professor of History and Director of American Studies at Temple University and author of Everything but the Coffee: Learning About America from Starbucks, will discuss the topic. Leave what your coffee says about you in the comments below and perhaps Dr. Simon can use our comments to tell us what our coffee says about Dallas.

12 comments on “What Does Your Cup of Coffee Say About You?

  1. I’m stiff, black, more than twice the average size, and crowned with a dollop of foam.

    Sorry, I can’t help it if it’s true. Scoff if you will, but I swear it’s mostly a curse!

  2. Guess it says I like to wake up with a Latin flavor: Entonces~~~

    Cafe Bustelo (canned Dark Roast Espresso grind Miami, discovered in Spanish Halem 1970s NYC, bought at @Fiesta but findable @Whole Foods, WalMat, the works) made in vintage Farberware (eBay) ‘Superfast’ perculator laced with skim milk. Ole!

  3. My father always says that he likes his coffee ‘Sweet and Blond, just like your mother’ and now I drink my coffee the same way. But then again, I’m sweet and blond as well(though my husband would beg to differ on both descriptions).

  4. Mine says that I’m a complete amateur. Half whatever coffee D Dude buys and half fat free hazelnut Coffeemate. And when I spill it in my car or on my desk, it’s really sticky.

  5. Depending on the day, I’m either a caffeine-inhaling office drone or the worst kind of latte-sipping liberal elitist (soy milk, egads!)

  6. It’s means I’m not into bullshit.

    I once ordered plain, black coffee at Starbucks. The kid behind the counter looked at me like I was from another planet and replied, “I don’t know if we have that.” So, I ordered tea. “Chai tea latte?” kid asked. No, just hot tea. Another crazy look and the kid slinked off to find a manager. True story.