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12 comments on “Lazare in West Village is Now Lemmon Bar in West Village

  1. It is Lemon which is a perfect name for this place. It is doomed from day one just like Lazare and the pitiful Pesobar. Shut it down now and shorten the pain.

  2. Don’t knock it until you try it!! Or you could just stay at that place where one drink cost $12.

  3. Great Service, Great Drinks, Great Food!!
    The new owners are right on the mark,we had to wait for a table Friday…Better to stop in and try it than just spit out vitriole!!

  4. We can see Lazare / Lemon Bar out our window. Lazare was open on Wednesday. On Thursday there was a sign on the door saying they were closed for remodel and staff training. That night, they replaced the window stickers and the outdoor sign. Friday it opened as Lemon Bar. Anyone got the full story? New owners or just a new concept?