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Vacherin Mont d’Or Cheese Coming to Molto Formaggio in Dallas

vacherin-mont-d-orThis just in from Michael Perlmeter of Molto Formaggio:

Just thought I would let you know that we have found a supplier for Vacherin Mont d’Or for the holidays.  Molto Formaggio is supposed to receive 36 (1 pound) pieces the week of November 9th and 48 pieces the week of December 7.

This is the Swiss version, that is “barely” pasteurized, so as to keep the flavor in keeping with the European version of the cheese.  The price for the Vacherin Mont d’Or is $39.50, and customers can reserve (while quantities are available) for either November or December delivery.

This is one of the greatest cheeses produced in the world, and is only available 3 months out of the year.  Each cheese will come in its’ own box and will be wrapped in spruce bark.

On your mark, get set, dial: Preston Royal  214-361-9191; Highland Park Village   214-526-0700.

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