Find a back issue Plays a Guessing Game: Loft 610 vs. Abacus

great_scott_t_shirt-p235063649939245360otje_400The Great Scott over at, the vortex of local food knowledge, has posted a fun guessing game.  He has printed a menu and asked readers to pick which items are on Tre Wilcox’s new menu at Loft 610 and which items are on the menu at Abacus. (For new players, Tre was once the execuchef at Abacus.) Go and play. It’s perfect for a rainy day.

6 comments on “ Plays a Guessing Game: Loft 610 vs. Abacus

  1. I’m guessing that Tre was never Executive Chef at Abacus- he was the Chef de Cuisine…

  2. In today’s world what does that really mean?
    Executive Chef
    Chef De Cuisine
    Executive Sous Chef
    Sous Chef
    All over the place they are now taking the place of hourly cooks on the line and at other places all cooks are called Chef’s.

  3. Whatever you call him, Tre was the guy who was creating the dishes, overseeing the kitchen, and keeping the five stars, while Rathbun was off doing whatever he does with the proceeds of his empire. We ate at Abacus 20+ times in the Wilcox years and only saw Rathbun in the restaurant three or four times (and never in the kitchen).

  4. I’m not saying he wasn’t the driving force while he was there. I saying the title doesn’t carry the weight that it once did. The biggest compliment is he’s a greak cook.