18 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Birthday Bash

  1. I think that the room at the fish that is incased in glass and houses the wine looks fun. I think you just need a minimum amt of people or spend a certain amt, I have inquired and it wasn’t bad. Sushi is always good for a birthday and the bar area is cool so as guests arrive they can grab a martini etc

    and there is always Mia’s with those Margaritas there is sure to be fun!

  2. Chef’s Table at Tramantona
    Caravelle – get the 10 course Chinese Banquet
    Urbano – byob and great food
    Park – make sure to call ahead

  3. Hector’s on Henderson! They have live music, great food, and a fun atmosphere. Give Hector a call and he’ll make sure your party has a blast.

  4. Sushi Axiom has a table like the one at Fish. They have very unique rolls and fresh sushi. You are also close to a lot of good places for after dinner.

  5. How about TopGolf? We have an Executive Chef, so the food is great. And, people can play an entertaining game in a unique venue. Drinks are also great here.

  6. If north of LBJ is not a problem, I suggest Urban Crust in Plano. Call ahead and they may be able to reserve a rooftop table for you.

  7. Tillman’s and Park are both great for a fun birthday dinner. I’ve had one at each and they were both awesome.

  8. Margarita Lounge at Maximo with some Jalapeno Margaritas! Or souffles at Rise N.1 at Inwood village for something totally unique

  9. Thanks for all the suggestions! We made reservations for Tillmans on Saturday, I think it will perfect 

  10. I second Eno’s…I had about 40 folks there for my wife’s bday 3 weeks ago. I took care of the pizza and had everyone else take care of the drinks. Only ran me about $300.