Last Day for Starbucks VIA Taste Test

Unless you’ve had your head in the ground, it’s been hard to miss the media blitz from Starbucks concerning their new VIA Ready Brew coffee. Yep, Starbucks is getting into the instant coffee business and they swear it’s as good as their traditional in-store drip. So, find out for yourself. Drop in to see your favorite barista, test the VIA against SB’s Pike Place brew, and see if you can tell the difference. You’ll get a certificate for a free tall brewed coffee and $1 off the VIA Ready Brew pack. And hurry. Today’s the last day for the taste test.

2 comments on “Last Day for Starbucks VIA Taste Test

  1. Although not a fan of anything Starbucks, I did have an opportunity to try one of their tubes of “instant coffee”.
    Surprisingly, quite good. Sure didn’t taste like Nescafe.

  2. Comparing VIA to Pike Place Roast is like asking a patient if he would prefer electroconvulsive therapy or a lobotomy.