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Conde Nast to Close Gourmet Magazine

Read all about it here. I cannot believe this decision. Apparently they had to choose either Gourmet or Bon Appetit, so most people thought it would be Bon Ap, considering, oh, Gourmet has been around for 68 years, and Ruth Reichl is food world royalty (waiting to hear what she has to say on twitter). This is a sad day.

UPDATE: I just read this on Twitter: ruthreichl Thank you all SO much for this outpouring of support. It means a lot. Sorry not to be posting now, but I’m packing. We’re all stunned, sad.16 minutes ago . (NN)

16 comments on “Conde Nast to Close Gourmet Magazine

  1. And I just started my subscription :-( was either gourmet or bon appetit. decided on gourmet as I preferred its writing. can remember reading it 40 years ago when I was a youngster

  2. I am shocked as well. However, Bon Appetit has more common denominator recipes and articles while still maintaining that high brow feel, unlike Cooking Light, etc. I would make one Gourmet recipe for every 10 B.A. recipes. Gourmet just didn’t fit my lifestyle right now. But I’m still going to miss it!

  3. Agreed. Loved Gourmet but BA and Food & Wine are more approachable which is why, in this economic climate, they’re still around. Same thing happened to House & Garden magazine two years ago.

  4. I am really shocked and speechless! Gourmet was the grand daddy of all the magazines, and I thought it would be the one that would survive. I loved Gourmet and have never thrown away a single issue of the magazine since I started my subscription in the early 70s … wonder if they are now “collectors’ items” ???

  5. This is just the first of many. Everything has moved to the Internet so the main reason for food magazines, the recipes, are available in their thousands with a Google search. No readers -> no advertising -> no paper magazine -> fewer dead trees.

  6. Truly a sad day in magazine land. Death of many icons that have been around for years and years – sad day for any publication, but Gourmet magazine was awesome.

  7. I guess no more Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie on PBS. The episodes are also online but it was one of the best shows on PBS.

  8. thanks worzel, how sage. have you ever left a positive comment on any site other than

    i would say that many people read magazines like Gourmet for the simple pleasure of reading, the food porn aspect, the travel aspect, vicariously living great meals/experiences, etc. not simply the recipes.

  9. Try reading the article again, Shane, especially the part that says, “the company plans to maintain Gourmet’s book publishing and television programming”.

  10. RB: The fact that they’re shutting up shop tells you that you are wrong. There aren’t enough people for it to be worth felling the trees for that.

  11. I’m agog.

    I hope they use some of the money they are going to save to redesign and get rid of some of those bloody awful ads, surveys, pop-ups, etc. You can hardly navigate the site because of all that crap.

  12. I have editions dating back more than 20 years- 20 years ago I found the magazine inspiring. The “Gourmet Holidays” travel feature was my guide on multiple trips. Lately I have found the magazine uninspiring. Last week my renewal notice arrived, and I sadly parted with Gourmet by tossing it into the trash. Au Revoir, old friend.

  13. Worzel, That’s all well and good but, I can’t drag my desk top computer into the loo with me.