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Chapman Chile House in Dallas in Peril, Ctd.

I just spoke with Fran Chapman. She is in her car and headed to the Dallas Farmers Market. “I have movers behind me with a refrigerator,” she said. “I will be open today as soon as I can pay my fee.” She will be in Shed Two selling 32-ounce containers of Chapman’s chili and packages of stuffed jalapenos. Y’all, head down to Shed Two. It’s a perfect fall day to load up on chili.

3 comments on “Chapman Chile House in Dallas in Peril, Ctd.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear they are having troubles; they are the nicest people and have wonderful products. Stuffed jalapenos are awesome and chili (only tried the hot version) is sweat inducing and so very tasty. I think the new location at Farmers Market will be very good for them. See ya’ there!

  2. Ya know, I have been going to Chili’s since 1976, down on Greenville. Their chili is bad.
    Chapmans Chili – very good.
    I’m headed to CCH@FM now. Yummy for my tummy, baby.