Fish Express in Preston Forest is Moving

Hmm, something fishy is going on at Preston Forest Shopping Center. Perhaps there are too many restaurants and not enough customers. (Living up to Tom Colicchio’s assesment of me as a “rumor monger,”  I will whisper that Chic From Barcelona could be next girl out. But that’s just a rumor.) My last count of places to eat at PFSC hovered close to 25. Today Mike Hoque will close Fish Express at Preston Forest and look to reopen at a location near Preston and Northwest Highway. The press release spins:

“With the successful launch of the brand’s second store in Frisco at Warren and Dallas Parkway, owner Mike Hoque saw the potential of being located in a denser destination retail location and decided to pursue a new location in North Dallas. Hoque is looking at locations near Preston and Northwest Highway.”

Whatever. Semantics. The location didn’t work. Denser retail location? How’s West Village working out for you, Lazare?

8 comments on “Fish Express in Preston Forest is Moving

  1. I’ve lived near this corner for 20 years, and it used to have very few restaurants (Mercury used to be a Spasso Pizza). Then, about 8 years ago everyone started opening places. Fish Express had a bad spot, very difficult to see from both Forest and Preston.

    Just Opened in the area – another tea store at Preston & LBJ, next to Goff’s. Tea is the new coffee.

  2. Fish Express is just not that great. And Amy you are right–lousy spot for a restaurant.

  3. Amy, I remember when the Mercury space was the Pancake Corral and Youngblood’s was on the corner (Starbuck’s) space. Pancake Corral had the best hamburgers. And Kel’s was on the other side of the street.

  4. We have been a handful of times (with kids and w/out). Not great food. Weird location. I don’t think the owners should compare the traffic they get in Frisco to that in North Dallas. More choices here. Flying Fish will eat Fish Express for lunch…perhaps its a suburb concept

  5. The fish tacos with mango slaw were good. Nothing else on the menu was. Also, without exception, every time we dined in or carried out they got our order wrong. I’ll miss the tacos, but nothing else.

  6. that’s a tough corner and its hard to see from the street. TJ’s has been fighting that battle for 20 years tucked away in the southwest corner of preston & forest.