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Janet Kafka: SideDish Readers Want Taberna del Alabardero in Dallas

Janet and Terry Kafka in Aspen last summer.
Janet and Terry Kafka in Aspen last summer.

This just in from Andrew Chalk:

Thanks to Kirk for the heads-up to this article from the El Paso Times. Basque Restaurant Taberna del Alabardero is preparing a multi-course meal at the Coronado County Club in El Paso consisting of specialties from the Basque region of Spain. Examples include a typical Taberna pincho (Basque version of tapa): bacalao brandade (salt dried cod puree, olive oil, milk and/or cream, spices, herbs, etc.) stuffed in thinly sliced rolled zucchini slices topped with Romesco sauce (a mixture of tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, almonds or hazelnuts and olive oil) not to mention Jamon Iberico (Iberian ham).

Perhaps most intriguing is the reason a famous Basque Taberna is doing a meal in El Paso. It was arranged by the Honorary Consul General of Spain. Now Dallas doesn’t have a Spanish Consul General, but Google points to  The Honorable Janet Pollman Kafka as an Honorary Consul of Spain.  Any chance of getting her to contact Taberna del Alabardero and tell them Dallas would fill up their Basque meal as well (probably for many nights)?

Hey Janet, old buddy. I smell a SideDish Supper Club waiting to happen. Call me, let’s talk.

7 comments on “Janet Kafka: SideDish Readers Want Taberna del Alabardero in Dallas

  1. Greetings from Janet Kafka,
    Honorary Consul of Spain, Dallas.
    This is really exciting news for El Paso, and my colleague Mari Angeles Gallardo is organizing a great event for Spain’s National Day! Our celebration this year will take place on the same night at Café Madrid and will feature Paella on the Patio and live entertainment by the Tuna de Farmacia from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. October 9th,5pm-10pm. Hopefully, we can invite Taberna to visit Dallas next time!

  2. This is all too insidery. Who is Kirk? A reader? Someone on staff? Sounds like I should take him seriously. Or what?

  3. Kirk: This is Scottie. If you want warp drive you’ll have to get Spock to get his penis out of the dilithium crystals!