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Report From: Fair Food and Wine Event at the Texas State Fair

Texas Watermelon Queen
Texas Watermelon Queen

Last night, I attended the Fair Food and Wine event, sponsored by Texas Monthly. There were corn dogs on the invitation, so naturally, I had my heart set on eating a corn dog, and trying a few other fried things too. No such luck. There was food, but it was only food that is being sold in the General Store Food and Fiber Pavilion during the fair (all Texas made products, of course). We met a few nice people and got a free Western photo, which was probably better than fried butter, after all (aww).

This is Texas Watermelon Queen Mollie Bennett. She was totally cute and gave us samples of watermelon salsa that was delish. The recipe is here. Jump to find out who else we met.

Elsie the Borden cow
Elsie the Borden cow

Elsie the Borden cow was there. She’s so sweet, and she also started following me on Twitter yesterday, so she’s obviously quite media savvy. Borden is celebrating her 70th birthday this year, but this Elsie is only 4 years old. Beauregard was also there, and he is only nine days old. Both will be in the Food and Fiber Pavilion during the Fair.


This is chef Carmen Sosa and her friend from Carmen’s Babycakes. The rum babycake was delish. Sosa sells the cakes (perfectly individually sized) at the Southlake Central Market, and during the Fair in the General Store.

We also sampled BBQ sauce from Ay! Chihuahua and wine from Messina Hof. No fried butter, but that was probably a good thing, anyway. Here’s a list of all the different Texas foods being sold at the General store during the Fair, so if you go, stop by and check it out.

  • Mollie B., Texas Watermelon Queen

    I found your blog and it looks great! I will be sure to link this post on my blog when I get around to writing about this event. Thanks for coming to see me at the Fair. It was so nice to meet you!