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Report From TABC: Twisted Vine is Closed and Charges are About to be Filed

twistedIn mid-July a reader wanted to know if anyone in Dishland had experienced problems with Twisted Vine, a wine tasting shop on Greenville and Walnut Hill.  Comments and complaints about Twisted Vine started pouring in. Eventually I contacted the TABC to see if they were looking into the situation. They confirmed there was an investigation underway.

Last week, I spoke with Jeff Gladden, a Lieutenant in the Enforcement Division at the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. He said, thanks to SideDish, they have a growing list of victims to interview and Twisted Vine is now closed. A few minutes ago, I got an update on the situation from agent Robert Holloway. He reports that there are one or two more interviews to conduct in the investigation before they take the paperwork to the District Attorney. If you would like to speak with agent Holloway, send me an e-mail.

8 comments on “Report From TABC: Twisted Vine is Closed and Charges are About to be Filed

  1. Just in case anyone else was foolish like me and ordered wine from these soon to be jailed folks, I am pleased to let you know that we had no issue reversing the charges with our credit card company after notifying them about Twisted Vine and their business practices (primarily selling wine and never delivering).

    Look forward to my conversation with the folks at the TABC.

  2. I am so glad to see this place go. They gave out coupons at our church for wine tastings. How low can you go? Keep me posted on what else comes out of this. I would like to see these people behind jail bars. Not wine bars.