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Making Dallas Even Better

Report From TABC: Twisted Vine is Closed and Charges are About to be Filed

In mid-July a reader wanted to know if anyone in Dishland had experienced problems with Twisted Vine, a wine tasting shop on Greenville and Walnut Hill.  Comments and complaints about Twisted Vine started pouring in. Eventually I contacted the TABC to see if they were looking into the situation. They confirmed there was an investigation […]

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The French Room, The Hotel Adolphus, and WTF is Going On?

Okay, let’s get this complicated situation out in the open. Headline yesterday: French Room Chef: Chef Marcus Strietzel =wrong. (Two chefs, Marcus/Marcos, both with last names beginning with “S” threw me for a loop.) I ran a corrected headline at the bottom of the post and received an e-mail from David Davis, PR director at […]

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SideDish CheeseHeads Celebrate Texas Cheese and Wine at Celebration

An emergency surgery on a torn retina kept me from attending last evening’s SideDish CheeseHead Celebration at Celebration Restaurant. My good friend and award-winning blogger, Evan Grant (way to go, Grumpy!), subbed for me. Needless to say, he and Mozzarella Company owner Paula Lambert bonded instantly. Thanks to the folks at Lucky Layla, Latte Da, […]

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Tre Wilcox Goes to Loft 610: Takes Abacus Sous Too

Tre’s Amigos: Executive sous chef Jermaine Brown, owner Brian Twomey, and executive chef Tre Wilcox Buried near the end of an official press release on Tre Wilcox’s new gig at Loft 610: “Joining Chef Tre in the kitchen will be longtime friend and Abacus colleague Jermaine Brown, who will take over as Executive Sous Chef. […]

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